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If my opponent "stands with veterans," he'll condemn Trump's words

Several quotes and reported incidents have come to light about the Commander in Chief’s disrespect for our patriots who have served in war. President Trump’s disdain for the late Senator John McCain’s service is well documented – when Senator John McCain passed away in August of 2018, three sources report Trump telling his senior staff that they were “not going to support that loser’s funeral,” and became upset when flags were lowered to half-mast in Senator McCain’s honor.

President Donald Trump thinks that prisoners of war, fallen soldiers, and veterans with amputations due to service-related injuries are losers.

In 2018 before a White House military event, Trump requested no wounded veterans be invited or included, because guests would be “uncomfortable” around amputees. In his words, “Nobody wants to see that.”

It does not surprise me that President Trump, who dodged being drafted for the military five times, has no real respect for the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform make every day in the line of duty or for the memory of those whose lives have been lost in defense of our nation.

As a veteran myself, who cared for and transported thousands of wounded men and women in uniform from battlespaces around the globe, the wife of a veteran, and someone who – like many, many Americans – has lost a loved one in the military, I am appalled by the callous attitude of President Trump, and by extension, the Republicans who choose to stay quiet rather than speak up against the “leader” of their party.

Photo: From my service as a Commander at Andrews AFB.

It does surprise me that my opponent, a staunch supporter of President Trump who on multiple occasions has tied himself to the president, did not immediately and publicly disagree when these heinous statements came to light.

Jim Perry claims to stand with veterans. He claims to stand up for military families. He was appointed to represent a district that is home to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. Will he do the right thing now and condemn President Trump’s disparaging remarks against our fallen military brothers and sisters?

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