It's time to prioritize bold investments in our children and adolescent's future. Timely access to quality, affordable healthcare is a human right. We can create new rural business opportunities by providing more effective job training.


When I'm elected I will be a megaphone for the unique issues of our district and lead intentionally with an open mind and the passion for service that has defined my career. 


We need to do right by our students, which starts with doing right by our teachers. Our public school teachers deserve better pay and need to be equipped with better school resources. Studies show that smaller class sizes, access to resources like updated computers and textbooks, availability of counselors and nursing staff lead to successful, well adjusted students with higher graduation and future employment rates.


I believe we also need to invest in universal pre-K education. Early childhood education improves literacy and comprehension skills, fosters social skills and self esteem.

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Across the nation we see the need for improved, expanded, transparent healthcare systems, and North Carolina is not exempt from these issues. The goal of every community should be 100% healthcare coverage no matter age, gender, or wealth.


Barriers to healthcare start with the language we use in policy - citizens need to be informed consumers of healthcare and understand the costs of services they receive. Children with disabilities should have access to specialized care. All healthcare plans should include access to mental health professionals.

We should consider value based care instead of reimbursing hospitals for volume of patients. Success in healthcare should be measured by the amount of patients who don't come back with complications. Our ultimate goal should be preventing illness and disease by promoting public health instead of treating recurring problems in vulnerable communities.

North Carolinians deserve options in healthcare - the right provider at the right time, the right service at the right cost. As we create healthcare systems we need to keep everyone in mind: infants, adolescents, men, women, and seniors.

Better, livable communities

There are a lot of components that go into making our communities better, and it starts as early as how we educate our children. Many studies show that better education leads to better overall health and quality of life. Students who attend pre-K have higher graduation rates, which paves the way for better jobs and the benefits that come with steady employment. 

If we are intentional about the way we plan our rural, suburban, and urban spaces we can uplift more small businesses, farmers, and families. If we rethink our housing placement and future developments we can prevent crippling damage from severe weather and natural disasters. 

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link - communities benefit from the success of the individuals who make it up. When our access to healthcare is more equitable, when our housing is more available and accessible, when our streets are safer and our water is cleaner, when our roads are well maintained, when everyone can put into their community what they get out of it, we all thrive.

Taking care of military families

The top concern of military members considering relocation to North Carolina is the education options that will be available to their children. We need to strengthen the ties between on-base education liaisons and local and state governments to be sure that needs are being met and resources are being adequately provided.


Another significant concern for military families is healthcare. Servicemen and women and their families should not be limited to the military healthcare network only, as special needs and complex health issues require special care. We must vastly improve our mental healthcare options in the military health network. 


One of the largest blocks of the homeless population in the United States, North Carolina being no exception, is veterans. It is a population of people who leave the service with physical disabilities, severe mental health issues, and no job training or continued access to quality healthcare to support them in civilian life. This is both unacceptable and fixable, and must be addressed quickly as an average of four veterans per day move to North Carolina. We can increase facilities like food banks and shelters to combat the homelessness problem, as well as provide job training, transitional housing and re-entry programs for our veterans. If we diversify our housing options and create a loan system for veterans we can combat homelessness, help people find fulfilling jobs, and ease some of the burden on our healthcare system.

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I could not have achieved what I have without those closest to me - my family. I am a hardworking person who values truth, integrityequality, and service-over-self.  My deep belief in these core values has been at the center of my actions throughout my life.


Those I have worked with have said that I am a natural leader with the ability to turn innovative ideas into actions by listening and building strong teams, and by working diligently towards clear goals.  When elected, I pledge to represent you with these four core values as my foundation.