I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, educator, healthcare professional, combat veteran, retired US Air Force Colonel, and concerned citizen. Through all of these roles I have seen triumph and struggle, peace and war, honor and dishonor in action - I have seen what makes our nation and our state strong and recognize that we are at a tipping point in our history. The next decisions we make on healthcare, education, the environment, criminal justice, public safety, and the principles of equality will set the course for our children and grandchildren and determine what kind of lives and opportunities they can have. 


Leadership requires vision. It requires a desire to learn, to serve constituents over self, and a willingness to compromise. The struggles this district faces can be traced directly to Raleigh - where some of our elected leaders show us in their actions that they only serve themselves, their party, and their biggest donors. I'm running for the State Senate because I have the skills needed to make successful changes to our education, healthcare and economic systems. When I'm elected, I won't leave local families behind.


I come from a working-class family and understand that to see real and lasting results, grit and resolve are required. In the US Air Force, I learned the true value of service, and it is with that spirit that I will spend every day fighting for the needs of our district, no matter the odds. I will lead from a place of understanding and experience, and I will never leave you behind. 

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